This is CloudTeams

Developers and end-users are brought together

CloudTeams is a new platform that brings together the software development community and potential end users. CloudTeams aims to create a link between the creators of technology and the people who add meaning to it, the users.

How it works

We're creating CloudTeams for


People looking for great applications

CloudTeams allows you to control your data across different services in a secure way.

You will define how you want to participate and how much you want to share. Choose one or multiple applications, compete with other members, earn rewards, or simply enjoy the data visualizations.

Software development teams with great ideas

CloudTeams allows your software team to connect to third party services with external tools, set up a project, build a prototype and deploy a solution on cloud hosting services.

The platform is supported by a testing & trust, a software project management and an analytics framework, while it also continuously retrieves feedback and interacts with end-users.

  • Get early access to new applications
  • Pre-purchase your favorite applications
  • Create your top wish-list
  • Get the best out of your data
  • Discover how your applications perform
  • Reach the right testing community
  • Compatible with your own services & tools
  • Test at any stage of the process


Our mission is two-fold


Open up the development process

If you are a software design & developer team, CloudTeams will offer useful tools to collaborate with potential customers, get their feedback and stream it effectively into the work cycle. We believe this will help you become more competitive and offer great applications to the world.


Enjoy better applications

If you think software applications should be meaningful and enjoyable, CloudTeams will offer you a way to actively collaborate with creators to shape up any type of software application. We believe that with the right set of tools, transparency & control people like you can make a difference.

Our approach

Year 1

Year 2

Become an early adopter and test apps

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This project has received funding from The European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation - Horizon 2020, under Grant Agreement No: 644617. Action full title: “Collaborative Software DevelopmentFramework based on Trusted, Secure Cloud-based Pool of Users”.

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